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Hubert has greatly enriched the training of many of my couples. His methods have contributed to the unleashing of spontaneous expression in individual dancers and also to the integration of a training group.

His Mindset Training enhances a dancer’s self-confidence by integrating body and mind.

Altogether, Hubert’s techniques boost creativity and strengthen the personalities of dancers. My support for the methods introduced by Hubert is evidenced by the recommendation I included in my lecture at the Congress for Polish Dance Judges.Iwona GolczakDance Teacher, Winner of Blackpool Dance Championship Amateur Latin


Giedrius Januskevicius

Trainer of Evaldas Sodeika & Ieva Zukauskaite

The main problem was that many Lithuanian dancers were not confident enough to “sell” their performance to the judges and the audience.With the help of Hubert’s and his methods, dance couples became more confident and were able to sustain the same level of energy from the beginning until the end of the performance. Another thing that helped couples very much, was Hubert’s techniques for improving partnership and communication skills. Because of that, every dance couple started to work as a team, not as two separate individuals.The result of Hubert’s training was surprisingly good – in the Lithuanian Championship the youth couple that wasn’t very strong technically, but improved the most during Hubert’s training and demonstrated the highest level of energy and confidence during the competition won 1st place. The amateur dancers showed the big change in their energy and harmony of the couple and showed an amazing result in the Grand Slam competition one week later.

I am a very emotional person. In dancing these emotions can be my strength and at the same time – my weakness. When it comes to dance training I understand that they can’t get in the way and I have to be cold-minded, but in reality, I couldn’t do that. So the training process was very slow…..too slow.Hubert showed me techniques that really changed a lot in my dance training process and even some things in my normal life. I am calmer and I can be very focused on our goals in practice. I’m sure that this is also one of the many things that helped us to win our Latvian Champions title.Eliza AncaneLatvian Ballroom National Champion


Edgars Linis

Latvian Ballroom National Champion

For a certain period of time, we had no real progress or development. We had difficulties to set goals, plan how to reach them and to actually believe in archiving them.When we first met Hubert last summer, straight away we started to work on our goals and building up our confidence to reach them. We were introduced with a lot of techniques and planning methods to succeed.These changes in our daily practice for half a year led us to win the Latvian Championship for the first time and showing the best performance we ever did!

Matej Krajcer

Dance Teacher, Winner of Blackpool Amateur Latin Dance Championship

I have known Hubert from the time when we were competing together as rivals on the dancing floor. Few years ago I had a chance to meet him again on a training camp of Iwona Golczak in Borek, Poland, where we were cooperating in teaching competitors, dancers.

I have to tell you that I was fascinated by the work that Hubert is doing. It is something that all the dancers need….not just dancers, every human being. Hubert is taking dancers into themselves, to find and discover who they are. With his exercises you find different emotions which you were not aware that exist, you feel the truth about yourself. I think this is very important to know that there is no better performance that honest, truthful dancer on the dancing floor.

And with Hubert’s help, you can really touch that area of yourself. Dancing is not just a movement with the music. Dancing is the personality, relationship, feeling of yourself in particular music and movement. And without emotions and understanding who you are and how deep you can go there is not real dancing. I think it’s important to know and to explore, then you can become a better person and with that also a better dancer or whatever you do in your life. Hubert is somebody who can lead you into the deepness of exploring yourself and dancing.

Be real, do not fake it, but we all need to fake it until we make it!!!

I needed help with believing in myself. On one hand, I knew I was a skilled dancer; but on the other, I felt I wasn’t ready for major competitions, that I wasn’t good enough.Hubert helped me transform into a confident, positive-thinking, unstoppable, and charismatic performer. With his guidance, I won the National Championship and placed 4th at the European Championship.

 Sylwia Sachajko    National Champion

Raimonds Pisevs

Dance Teacher

My dance couples are very well prepared technically, but they have struggled to perform at their maximum during the competition. Because of that they often lost to less skilled dancers. During preparation camp in Riga for Latvian Ballroom Championship Hubert introduced some of his coaching techniques and methods focusing on strong performance and mental preparation.

As a result, my couples danced at the championship like never before, with very high confidence and to the maximum of their abilities. We surprised everyone and won almost all age categories!

I wanted to audition for SYTYCD but I wasn’t sure if I’am good enough to compete with all those great dancers.

I wasn’t confident enough and I must say being in front of camera made me tense.After working with Hubert my confidence went up, and I wasn’t afraid anymore. I nailed my audition and I went all the way up to the final.

Adrian WilczkoSo You Think You Can Dance Finalist


Kuba Rybicki

UK Rising Star Pro 7 th place

My biggest problem, like many other dancers I suppose, was the lack of a precise training plan before the major competitions such as Blackpool, UK, International. There were so many different information that I wanted to work on, but I was not sure what to focus on, what is the priority for each big competition. For sure there was not enough time to work on everything. During coaching lessons with Hubert, I and my partner quickly came up with a 2 months training plan. We had all the details and aspects planed almost to the minute. We also established the rules that we both had to follow to make this perfect plan work.

Results of creating and following this plan were amazing – my best personal achievement – 7th place in PRO-RS Latin (first competition as professional)I will be grateful to Hubert forever: -)


Marcin Zaprawa

Polish Latin American Dancing Champion

Hubert has worked on many aspects of my dancing. If I had to choose which aspect had the biggest impact on my dancing and competition results I would say performance. Improving this aspect was a big challenge for me. I was asking myself how to do that within our Latin dance form, based on set structures and rules. How to express a natural, interesting story that the audience can understand and at the same time follow all those rules.

Hubert worked on my energy and charisma and it soon started to improve my performance and was more and more evident with the time. It was a turning point for me. It improved many aspects of my dancing and it’s quality: self-confidence, awareness, ability to improvise, connection with my partner. Also, my imagination was better and allowed me to be much more creative in my dancing and during practice.


Bartek Szkutnik

Polish Championship Finalist

My biggest challenge in dancing was how to balance my emotions. Often my reactions to some situations in practice or competition were like reactions of sugar level after drinking Coca Cola. This affected in negative way relationship with my dance partner, my concentration and quality of movement as my body was getting tense and stiff when I was going into negative emotions.To balance my emotions Hubert has given me some techniques. As a result, my emotions are much more stable and balanced and even the most challenging situations, that might happen during the day do not affect me and take me off track of my main goal.

Agata Brychcy

Polish Championship Finalist

I was looking for ways to improve my flexibility in the movement and wanted to learn how to use energy in my dancing. Hubert showed me some techniques that improved both: flexibility and energy. As a result, I have felt the flow of energy in my whole body and could dance to the maximum of my abilities. I was also using the visualization technique every time I was not satisfied with my dancing and movement.

Rather than getting frustrated I was closing my eyes and seeing how I want this movement to look like and even naming each movement using my own words. Because of that, I felt much better about my own dancing. I felt that my movement doesn’t have to be monotonous, that it can have many contrasts and changes in energy.


Maciek Kadłubowski

7th place at Blackpool Amateur Ballroom

My main problem, before I started working with Hubert, was related to practice plan before competitions. I was putting too much attention to the technical aspect during practice and spend most of the time working on it. I did not think enough about the performance and artistic aspect of my dancing. Because of that picture of our couple during the competition was not as good as it could be. Our level of technical skills was good enough to be one or two rounds higher but we lost with other couples that had better look and performance.Hubert immediately solved our problems by changing the preparation plan for competitions and giving us ideas on how to improve our performance in the best possible way. As a result, my dancing and performance are now more interesting, impressive and powerful. Hubert added something great into my dancing, which made it more natural and enjoyable for me and for the audience.He also helped me with mental preparation before the comps. Using visualization methods I am more focused on my goals now, more creative, and it’s easier for me to control emotions or negative thoughts. Another great thing, which Hubert helped me with, is keeping very positive, high level of energy and better communication with my partner during practice. Now, it helps me improve in a faster and easier way.The effect of putting together Hubert’s techniques with my own practice is great. All these methods have a huge influence on my dancing, and the best confirmation of our work is my latest result in competitions and a better relationship with my partner.

Maja Kopacz

7th place at Blackpool Amateur Ballroom

My biggest problem was negative thinking a few days before and also during the competition. It was blocking me inside. I knew, I was working very hard and I deserved success but on the other hand, something in my mind told me, that I can’t do this, that it won’t be good. Hubert gave me an advanced technique for controlling my thoughts.As it turned out later it was a very simple thing that completely changed my way of thinking and dancing as well.

Now, before the competition I am really motivated and not blocked inside anymore.

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